My alarm clock never fails to go off at 7 AM.

Time to get up! The sun has risen to welcome you to yet another beautiful day in paradise is what I should think when that happens.

But, to be honest, what I usually think is let me sleep, just 5 more minutes, dammit!

At about 7.08 AM I finally manage to get out of bed. I put on the same office clothes as I had on the day before and rush down the stairs to have breakfast.

I sit down at the table and I see two sleepy eyes looking up at me.

My wife has just woken up my 5-year-old daughter and she’s plopped her down at the table in the kitchen so daddy can serve her the usual toast with jam and butter.

I get up again, prepare some breakfast for everybody and finish a round of toast on the way to the bathroom, where I splash some cold water on my face.

I finally go out the front door, get in my car and drive to work.

20 minutes later I pull into my parking space at the office and head upstairs, where my secretary has coffee ready.

Black, just how I like it.

I turn on my computer.

“Ahhh, that’s better”, I say as I sip my coffee.

*Phone ringing*

Me: Yes? Oh hello. Are you sure? So the new packaging has led to a decrease in sales?

Sr. Marketing Manager: Aye. It seems that way, sir. I wonder if it’s due to the fact that the sample of respondents that we asked was too small or maybe by chance they all liked our products? Any of these circumstances could have fed us unreliable information.

Me: You may be right. We need to get to the bottom of this ASAP. We need answers and fast so let’s pull out the big guns!

I want you to assemble the insights team and tell the Sr. Insights Manager to create a study via the Zinklar platform. I’m sure that their nationally representative panel will give us a robust read on our core target.

The idea is to figure out exactly what went wrong and what is working for us right now. How do we fix the problem at hand?

Sr. Marketing Manager: Right on it sir! I’ll get him to update you as soon as he is ready to launch the study. Have a good one.

*End of phone call*

What a great start of the day!

“One hour later”

Sr. Marketing Manager: Ok, sir? The insights team has just finished creating a survey that they believe will get us the information we need. It’s pending your approval for launch. They’ve spoken to the brand and marketing teams and got their input beforehand. The core target is being covered and the objectives are clearly defined.

Me: Ok, let’s go ahead and let it rip! Let’s solve this issue ASAP and get our sales’ numbers back to where they belong.

“Three hours later”

Sr. Insights Manager: Sir? We’ve managed to identify the problem!

It appears that the colour palette used on the packaging of our women’s perfume is confusing. People aren’t associating it with our brand.

The survey returned with 75% of consumers saying that they didn’t identify the product due to the change in colour.

Me: Ok! I’m sure the testers we gave the perfume to were only concerned about the scent and quality. We’ll have to take this into account for future packaging changes and new product launches.

I’m sure glad we have Zinklar’s Agile Research Platform! We still have time to remove all the new units from stores before it’s too late.

We’ll continue with our usual design for now and I’ll get the product and creative departments in the loop so they can begin working on a new one or changing the one that failed.

Sr. Insights Manager: Ok! Sounds good. I’ll inform the Sr. Marketing Manager immediately to stop all campaigns promoting our new package design and hold off on the TV spot that was scheduled to air today at prime time.

“30 minutes later”

Wow. What a day! I can’t believe I averted a major disaster to the company in a single morning.

Just in time for a bite!

As I walk out of my office I shout: “Who’s in for lunch? My treat!”