What would our business be without consumers? Absolutely nothing.

Striving to put consumers in the driving seat since day one, giving them a voice and listening to what they have to say.

We help organisations adapt their products and business models to them. We believe that happy consumers make good clients so let us help you put a smile on their faces.

Our values are our frame of reference

They represent our nature, the way we operate and experience in Zinklar.

  • Be Passionate

    We like our experiences to be intense. Every day we strive to be better, to work better. We are ambitious and we like to think big, and we enjoy doing it too. We are enthusiastic about our work because we like what we do, we believe in it, and we have fun doing it. Here at Zinklar, our passion for what we do is permanent. We don’t waste time on excuses, we like to give our all.

  • Be Human

    We believe that honesty, and remaining true to both ethical principles and ourselves is the basis for achieving our aim. As human beings, we are different, diverse and deserve to be treated with understanding and respect. Excellence and passion are not opposed to generosity or empathy. We believe they all are core aspects of our everyday operations.

  • Be an Entrepreneur

    Zinklar was born out of an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. We believe in that enthusiasm and we want it to remain throughout our activities and in every department. Dare to leave your comfort zone, question the status quo, and constantly innovate, you will create new and better opportunities, and grow as a person with your colleagues.

  • Be Responsable

    We trust that everyone will take on their challenges, and assume responsibility for completing them, accepting and acknowledging both failure and success. We like to learn from failure and acknowledge success. We are aware that our actions or inactions strongly impact the organisation’s results, and that this is a collective, interrelated project.

  • Be Excellent

    Quality is an intrinsic part of our business, our value proposal, and our DNA. We want to have the best experts, so we seek out the best talent, are rigorous in what we do, and seek the highest quality. Effort, responsiveness, and efficiency are our best allies in order to succeed in the challenges we set for ourselves.

Our team

Zinklar is formed by a multicultural team, aiming to disrupt the global market research industry. We wish to bring the best possible result to users and democratize market research, making it accessible to everyone across the globe.

Looking for new challenges in a highly decisive industry?

Join us team, and become a part of the next evolutionary step for the global market research industry!



Bring the consumer
to the heart of your