The story behind Zinklar

Zinklar founders Jordi Ferrer and Borja Ormaechea

The idea of what Zinklar is now was born in 2005. Long before smartphones, Jordi had a vision into the future that mobile phones would become an essential part of our lives. He had the idea of launching studies directly to consumers mobile phones at a time when smartphones were hardly ever seen and had not yet been released globally.

Following a promotion to Group Strategy and M&A Director at Kantar and a move to London, the patented idea was left in the drawer for around ten years.

In 2014 Jordi met Borja, previously the Marketing Director at Groupe Seb. Jordi told Borja about the patent he created years ago. This conversation, along with his past experiences, allowed Borja to understand just how far the idea could reach. He could see its potential, he saw its applications and uses for marketing and market research teams, and how it could change their lives. Then he visualised how to convert this idea into a product, how to monetise it, and how an entire business model could be created. From that moment on, Borja worked tirelessly to see the idea become a reality.

In 2016, both Jordi and Borja got their first breakthrough with the initial version of the platform, and everything started taking shape, slowly moulding into what Zinklar is today.

“We decided on the name Zinklar as it comes from the idea of thinking clearly. It alludes to leaving doubts behind and focusing on concise and comprehensible information to base decisions on.” says Borja.

Ever since the very beginning, the foundation of Zinklar has been strongly held up by two individuals. Jordi from the Market Research industry and Borja, a marketer and insights buyer. They continue to work together to bring consumers to the heart of every company and help businesses to grow faster by being more consumer-centric.