Bank Pulse

Get daily insights about banking customers, and define the best strategies to win

Bank Pulse provides you with continuous information about customers’ perceptions regarding advertising, promotions, sponsorships, innovations, corporate news and interactions with banks through a continuous survey delivered to you every 24 hours.


React to market
events on the go

Find out immediately if your competitors are launching new activities such as advertising, promotions, innovation and promotions and take the appropriate measures to compete successfully.


Evaluate the success of all
campaigns on a continuous basis

Have day-to-day visibility of your activities’ performance, as well as those of your competitors. Make the best decisions quickly to improve the effectiveness of your sponsorships, innovation, advertising and promotions.


Define strategies and
allocate resources effectively

Analyse both the big picture and deep-dive in specific areas thanks to the big sample size and the single-source approach. Create winning strategies and mobilise the right level of resources against each element of the marketing mix.


Prove the impact
of your communication

Measure how much impact you are creating with your campaigns and compare it against your competitors’ actions.


Manage the impact
of all corporate news

Make the most out of your positive messages by measuring the impact of corporate news on the general population and on your customers. Identify threats and opportunities for your brand and your competitors.


Get more customers
recommending your bank

Combine comprehensive details about interactions and reasons to interact with likelihood of recommendation and find the right insights to grow your key engagement metrics.

Survey contents


Six modules to gather a 360º view of customers’ perceptions through a single syndicated survey with the greatest richness of analysis.


Daily exposure to promotions viewed by entity, by channel and type of promotion. Impact of promotions in terms of reach and level of acceptance.

Advertising and Sponsorships

Pressure, type of advertising and content. Ranking by banks and type of content, Level of acceptance by bank and type of content. Fit between sponsorship and advertising channels by bank.


Daily exposure to innovations, by entity, by channel and type of innovation. Impact of promotions in terms of reach and level of acceptance.

Overview module

The most comprehensive vision of all activities in the banking industry: Funnel per bank, general pressure in the industry and by bank, pressure by type, interactions and NPS by bank.

Interactions with banks and NPS

Analyse the volume of daily interactions, ranking by entities divided by customers and non-customers and share. Ranking of channels by entity. Types of interaction by channels and reasons. NPS for each bank and channel.


Population impacted by bank, content recall, impact on the bank image, media outlets by impact on population and how corporate news of every kind (e.g. mergers, earnings, crises, CSR…) are promoted by the media.


Bank Pulse

A wealth of insight to support decision-making
  • 14 banks per country
  • Daily delivery through cutting-edge dashboard accessible 24/7
  • Quality guaranteed by the high standards of Zinklar’s market research platform
  • 1 single syndicated survey composed by six modules
  •  4 countries available: US, UK, Spain and Mexico

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