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React to market changes and drive a faster consumer feedback cycle

Zinklar’s latest Guided Solutions development makes it even easier to create high-quality market research studies, regardless of the levels of experience or expertise. Users of the platform can safeguard professional automated survey design irrespective of their knowledge of market research with an objective-driven and easy-to-use interface built by market research experts.

The first release of the new Guided Solution development focuses on improving major brands’ product and innovation processes – making it simpler to test more concepts and products faster than ever before from one platform. Now users have the option to benefit from an intelligent automated online survey design capability that insights experts have engineered to make it even easier for anybody to launch smarter market research.

Market research made simple

Step 1: Team of insights experts: Zinklar’s team of market research specialists fuels the platform with pre-built questions & expertise

Step 2: The Research Platform: users select from objectives to program their study and the platform generates a specific survey

Step 3: Ready to launch survey: users can modify their surveys and launch studies

Launch Guided Solutions

Revolutionizing survey design

Design high-quality surveys with confidence

Know what you want but are not sure how to execute a study?

Existing users with limited market research experience told us they were under pressure to deliver more complex studies but lack in-house expertise. Zinklar’s market research experts have programmed the Guided Solution to help non-market research experts to create surveys like pros. Now you only need to select your study objectives, and the platform will automatically generate a high-quality, fully complete survey in real-time.

The Guided Solution screenshot below shows the objectives section of a concept test within the Zinklar insights platform. Users can select all or specific objectives from the list available. By default the platform will automatically choose the first option and users can then select all or select individual objectives depending on the requirements of their project. 

Faster survey set-up

Even if you are a market research expert finding the time to design high-quality studies can be a challenge. The Guided Solution by Zinklar helps you create an automated survey design that performs with a few clicks. 

Greater flexibility

The frustration of not being able to modify suggested questions without having to pay extra is real. Guided Solution by Zinklar has been built to provide you with a fully customizable survey, you can add unlimited questions from any of the available question types or include questions directly from the questions library without extra cost. 


Expert support

Do you value having dedicated insights specialists to support your projects? The Guided Solution provides an enhanced support experience for clients. All surveys are automatically generated based on the knowledge & expertise of the Zinklar insights team. And whenever you need a helping hand the Zinklar team will always be by your side.

Confidently analyze results

Do you want to perform a comparison against your concepts? The Guided Solution provides users with an interactive dashboard that updates on a live basis. The comparison scorecard makes it easy to compare the results of concepts across your entire study. You can segment survey responses by core demographics such as age, gender and region, and export and share results across your team members. 

Access an engaged audience

The Guided Solution includes access to the same rich sample of 140 million consumers from 80+ countries. Users can continue to segment their audience by over 2000 predefined profiles and compare up to 12 different stimuli – with most studies closing within 3 hours. 

Within the Zinklar platform one can create questionnaires easily and get he answers in a few hours, this is so useful. It’s also easy to design a study that goes across multiple markets within a short time frame. Zinklar can benefit insights teams by removing wastage from the process.

Sara Green, Global Category Lead, Bahlsen Biscuits

How to gain access

All existing clients will gain access to Guided Solution at no extra cost to their plan, and PAYG users can use Guided Solutions to launch their next concept or product test quickly. Start by launching a study today with our new automation tool

Learn more about Zinklar’s Guided Solution

Read more about this new development by clicking here to view a step-by-step guide on how the Guided Solution works. You will learn how to create a project, set up your requirements, select your objectives, upload your stimuli, target the correct audience and launch your next project. 

You can also watch the webinar How to be ahead of the game with the Zinklar platform.

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