Case study

Dr. Oetker’s Recipe for Success

To gather regular & actionable insights from target consumers

In this case study by Dr. Oetker you will discover

  • How to make strategic decisions in a volatile and changing environment.
  • How to place the consumer at the center of your marketing strategy.
  • How to ensure success inn product launches, communication strategies, or new packaging

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A success story for marketers

To all marketing professionals in the consumer goods industry who want to learn how to develop a customer-centric strategy to boost their brand’s growth. In this success story, Dr. Oetker, a company that has achieved consumer recognition worldwide, reveals how to create products that captivate their target audience.


Discover the details of Dr. Oetker’s case and learn how Zinklar helps them connect with their consumers, identify their needs and interests, and improve the purchasing experience with their brand.


With Zinklar, Dr. Oetker has empowered their marketing team to create and launch market studies in minutes, enabling them to build a strong and lasting relationship with their consumers. By quickly resolving market doubts, obtaining consumer opinions in record time, and accelerating strategic decision-making.


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