Events & Webinars

September 29-30 2022 @ Paris

Le Printemps des Etudes 2022

Meet us at desk Ag17, Agora 2

October 20-21 2022 @Munich

Succeed 2022

Join us at booth 510-2

Past events

July 20 2022 @ Santander webinar

Democratising insights to help every brand grow

Zinklar democratizes high quality consumer Insights to empower every brand looking to expand its international footprint to do so with the level of awareness and control that only ad-hoc market research can provide. In this webinar, a team of market research experts will share with you how the Zinklar technology can enable any business leader to conduct effective research campaigns.

July 20-21 2022 @ New York, NY

Quirk’s New York 2022

Meet us in NYC, booth 427

June 21-22 2022 @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

IIEX Europe 2022

Join us at our booth, location 11

June 8 2022 @ London, UK

Richmond Market Insight Forum UK 2022

Connect with us, in person and in real-time!

May 26 2022 @ Zinklar Webinar

Top 5 ways to create Market Research that turns you into an Insights Rockstar

Join us on our virtual stage and learn how to harmonize your market research into actionable insights. With these top five tips, you and your team will be creating faster, more agile, and high-quality market research quicker than any of your competitors.

Speakers: Rhys Clements, Research Manager & Andy Ainsworth, Product Marketing Manager

May 13 2022 @ Greenbook Webinar

Agile Research: Learn how to multiply your consumer insights and accelerate your success

Hear from our team on how you can access insights at scale and stay better focused on the most critical priority – powering consumer intelligence for your brand.

Speakers: Rhys Clements, Research Manager & Andy Ainsworth, Product Marketing Manager

May 4-5 2022 @ London, UK

Quirk’s London 2022

Let’s connect at our booth, location 109

April 19-20 2022 @ Austin, TX

IIEX North America 2022

Meet us in Austin, booth H2

April 11-12 2022 @ Chicago, IL

Quirk’s Chicago 2022

Join us at our booth, location 1001