Guided Solutions

The Guided Solution is available for product and innovation use cases, specifically concept and product tests. Zinklar´s team of insights experts has programmed the functionality to provide you with an easier way of creating high-quality surveys. 

How to gain access:

All existing users have access to Guided Solutions and can access this new functionality from the homepage. 

Step 1: Create your study

The Guided Solution is now available under the “create” section on the homepage of the Zinklar platform. If you are looking at conducting a product/concept test and want the platform to auto-generate a survey based on your objectives – this is the right choice.

Step 2: Choose the type of project

The next step is to select the type of project. For the initial launch, you can choose Product and Innovation. More solutions will become available, and we invite you to vote for the answer you believe should be developed next. To begin with, click ‘Start’ on Product and innovation.

Step 3: Configure your project details

Now you can give a name to your project that will appear across the platform. Make sure you write a title that is easy to identify amongst your past projects. Next, you can add your target category and a paragraph about the projects objectives. Although the objective box is an optional item, we recommend you spend 2 minutes detailing your objective. It will make it easier for other team members to understand your overall aim.

Step 4: Decide on what you want to test

Either choose from a concept test or a product test. You can only select one option. Your choice here will help us determine the best questions we suggest in the survey.

Step 5: Pick your specific objectives

Now, this is the most critical step for benefiting the most from the Guided Solution. Here we have created five specific areas that relate to a concept or product test. You need to select all of the below or just the options that best fit your needs. By default, the platform will automatically choose the first option and you can then select all or select individual objectives depending on the requirements of your project.

The platform will auto-generate a survey based on the criteria you select below.

Step 6: Add Stimulus

First, choose the type of stimuli you wish to test from either an image or text. Then you can choose to add up 12 stimuli to a project. You will upload the image (JPG , JPEG, PNG, GIF, max size: 5MB) from your computer to the platform. You can add up to 12 different stimuli. If two or more stimuli are added, a monadic test will be activated. Learn more about Monadic tests here.

Step 7: Configure your target audience.

  1. Choose the sample size of the study by either inputting the number or by scrolling the bar left or right. 
  2. Select the sample type either by keeping the pre-selected National Representative option or by clicking on the pre-defined profile option. Here you can target a specific audience from over 2,000 profiles. 
  3. Choose to add a screenout question for your study. Learn more about incidence rates here.

Step 8: Modify and confirm your survey

The platform will automatically generate a survey specific to the criteria you selected in step 5. You can modify the study to ensure it is relevant to your requirements. It is possible to add more questions via the questions library or by selecting question types from the panel on the left of the screen. Before launching the survey, we recommend that you preview the study by clicking Preview on the top right corner of the screen. When you are ready to launch the project, click the continue to launch button at the bottom of the survey.

Step 9. Launch study:

Confirm all study elements are as you expect, and press launch and your project will automatically start. The study results will begin to be visible within minutes, and you can watch these appear live. The cost of the project is deducted from your available balance.

Step 10. Collect and analyze results

All results will show immediately on the results page within the platform. 

The summary tab provides information about the total number of surveys completed and the study’s live field time.

Users can leverage the comparison table feature to compare the results of different products on one dashboard.

The demographics tab allows you to segment the results by gender, age range, and geographical area. For example, select the female box, and the data points on the right will immediately change to reflect the criteria.

Export your results as a data file (XLSX), aggregated table (XLSX), or directly to a PPT presentation. You can easily share the project with colleagues by copying and pasting the results page URL.

Enjoy creating your brand new survey!