Text & Image

Text can be included in your survey. It can be an explanation of a concept or idea or even the introduction of a change of subject.

You can include an introduction to the subject or you can include an intro such as a disclaimer, a user manual or an explanation.

You can also just include the concept as an image –in this case:

1. Select “Add image” and upload the concept/pack or whatever stimuli you want to test.

2. In the text box, just add a space and you’re ready to go! Respondents will see a screen with just the stimuli. Image size will be 100% by default but can be adjusted.


Video & Audio

You can upload a video to the survey, like an advert or a product demonstration, and then ask questions about the video to gather respondents’ insights.

You can embed a video, like a TV ad or a radio clip, to measure in-market performance. You can even use it to show a demonstration video that informs on a specific subject..
Once the project has been launched, respondents CANNOT skip the video to ensure they watch it.

Also, before showing the video, sound & image tests are done to ensure that respondents are able to hear and watch the video.


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