Agile market research made easy

Making the complex simple and accessible

Customer-centric Insights

Advanced Research

All your research needs in one place, from a concept test to a U&A or brand tracking to pre and post-advertising tests

Trusted consumer network

Access to 140 million consumers in 80 countries segmented by over 2000 pre-defined profiles

Expert support

Direct access to the support team of market research experts whenever you need assistance

Transform Your Success Story 

Elevate your strategy with Zinklar and gain valuable insights to enhance your decision-making, optimize budget allocation, and enhance your brand’s reputation.

5X more

Multiply your ability to gain real-time consumer insights.


Maximize your profits by optimizing your budget to drive growth.


Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty.

“We can efficiently plan and conduct market research without processes slowing us down.”

Diana Solórzano, CMI Leader at Heineken

“You get results and insights in a matter of hours. This agility is key for decision making.”

Sara Green, Global Head of Insight & Category Centre of Excellence at Bahlsen

“The most valuable benefit of Zinklar is the ability to respond quickly to retailer requests.”

Juan Antonio Villegas, Market Research Manager at Televisa

“The platform has become an integral part of our daily life, enabling agile work.”

Diana Solórzano, CMI Leader at Heineken

“Easiest set-up in history"

Nina Jakubowska, Senior Brand Manager at Reckitt