Market Research

Food & Beverage Trends report

The impact of the pandemic on the way we eat and drink in and out of the home

Key takeaways

  • If consumers include plant-based food products in their diets
  • How do consumers buy now in grocery stores
  • How has the consumption of alcoholic beverages changed
  • If healthier habits mean saying goodbye to energy drinks and ice cream
  • How are fast food chains affected by these new food trends
  • How the food delivery options have been impacted

Survey design


US, UK, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain


3.000 consumers


March 2022

This report is dedicated to

Marketing & Insights professionals who want to be up-to-speed with the latest food and beverage industry changes, and uncover the biggest food and beverage trends in 2022.

The pandemic has impacted consumers’ eating habits, so it’s never been more important to understand those changes. Thus, customer-centric organizations that put the consumer at the heart of their decision-making and understand those shifts will be more profitable than their competitors.

Read the full food report and find out the top food and beverage trends in 2022 and their impact on the FMCG market.

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