Media effectiveness

Identify the right profiles and media audiences to build the right media plans to boost the ROI of your advertising budget


the correct profiles

Understand your target buyer by gathering information on demographics, behavior, attitudes, media exposure, and anything else that can help you address your advertising in an even more effective way.


effective media plans

Share your insights with your media planning agencies to help them design plans that will maximize the impact of your advertising. Select the right media and time to find your buyers more easily.


the ROI of advertising

Prove the success of your campaigns and find insights to continue improving your media plan in an iterative way.


Begin using the always-on intuitive insights platform:

  • Access to over 140 million consumers in 80 countries
  • Utilize a rich bank of survey templates
  • Results as fast as in a few hours
  • Highest research standards
  • Full-analytical capabilities and interactive dashboard

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