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Real-Time COVID-19 indicators by Zinklar

Situation Index


Where we are on the curve: Situation point between 0 (initial phase) and 10 (end of the pandemic).

Confidence Index


Percentage of optimistic people: % of people that think the situation will improve as of now.

Normality Period


Months to normal: When the majority of people think we will be back to normal.

Tracking how consumption behaves during the new normal

Changes in consumer behaviour, changes which are likely to stick, new economic environment and how to approach the consumer in the next months.

Insights for a specific day and country

United Kingdom

The new normal continues and the English are not convinced that the situation will improve. In the last 15 days, there has been an increase of 20% in pessimism towards the situation in the country, where they perceive that the situation at a general level, health and the economy will worsen.

United Kingdom

Pessimism increases. Those who previously were optimistic (44% will improve the country’s situation on 21 July), today see the situation in the UK in a pessimistic way, where 42% consider that the country’s situation will worsen (18 pts of difference vs the previous wave).

United Kingdom

Amazon (18%) and Tesco (14%) are the brands that have generated the most connection with consumers. Amazon for its wide catalog of products and home delivery and Tesco for its wide variety of products at affordable prices and home delivery.


In the remainder of the year, 1 in 10 Spaniards (12%) are considering changing banks, which represents 7 pts. more than the wave of the month of July.


The saying goes: We are what we eat! As a measure to stay healthy, 4 out of 10 Spaniards are changing or thinking of changing their eating habits by reducing the consumption of sweets.


70% of Spaniards show more attention to hygiene measures, with Mercadona (20%) being the most outstanding company for its value for money and hygiene measures implemented as a result of the pandemic.


Mexicans are more optimistic. Indicators move towards the positive pole in all areas. The situation will improve: + 9p. Country situation, +13p. Economics +11p. Health and +10p. Personal situation). Also, a third thinks that things will go back to the way they were in the next 5 to 11 months.


2/3 of Mexicans pay more attention to their health compared to the previous month. More than half are improving their eating habits: 57% are looking for a more balanced diet and 54% add natural products to the shopping cart.


French consider that the current situation will be 1 year or more. A decrease in the intention to purchase disinfectant products is already observed in the short term -10 pts. from the wave of July.


4 out of 5 French people are taking measures to control household spending, where promotions and offers play a key role in saving.


7 months after the first case of COVID-19, Germans continue to be cautious. Half the population maintains the same attention towards hygiene measures in public places (49%) and food safety (53%).


More than half of the Germans consider that their economy at home (income and expenses) will remain stable as now and they foresee that this situation will extend for the next 3 months.


Chileans have taken the initiative to buy products with less plastic and support the consumption of national products. Furthermore, they want these actions to be sustained in the long term.


The Lider supermarket chain (15% spontaneous mentions) is considered one of the establishments that has generated greater relevance for having quality products at more affordable prices.

United States

There is an improvement in the general situation and in personal finances. 2 of 5 still control their expenses as a preventive measure, assessing positively any action brands can do to help them save.

United States

Almost half of Americans are optimistic about the return to the pre-COVID-19 situation in the next 11 months and another large group (43%) thinks that it will last more than 1 year.

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