In 2018, we surpassed many challenges and continued to grow with our clients. Zinklar’s Agile Market Research platform is changing the way teams make decisions, and we’re excited to bring the consumer’s voice where it should be: with you. Last year we learnt some major lessons, which we’re looking forward to taking onboard in 2019.

Technology pushes frontiers in research

There’s a consensus among market research professionals that technology has drastically changed the industry, and that it’s set to change it even more. Obviously, at Zinklar we’ve excitedly pushed and driven this change, after all, our mission is to implement the potential of technology into the market research industry. 2018 has taught us that we can have the best of both worlds: push the boundaries of Traditional Market Research and reap the many benefits of Agile Market Research. In short, we’re able to meet the real needs of companies, and at the same time maintain the quality and research methodology that the industry is known for.

We’ve recognised a recurrent theme in the whispers and conversations among market research professionals: traditional agencies need to adapt to changes caused by innovation and technology. They’re worried that both clients and agencies aren’t keeping up with innovative market research tools. This has further convinced us of the importance of what we do. We need to be pushing for more education on how our clients can incorporate research into all the business decisions they make, day by day.

The researcher is essential

We’re firm believers that agility helps us take full advantage of Agile Market Research and face the challenges yet to come. In these years, we’ve observed that the traditional workflow of the market research industry has been officially disrupted. Agile Market Research has democratised research and brought it closer to every team and department, who now carry out market research studies and actively test their intuitions to become more consumer-driven.

Ultimately, being able to use consumer insights in a timely and direct manner means brands can do better business and provide a better service to their clients. That’s why the middleman between research agencies and marketing teams is losing relevance: companies don’t want to wait to collect actionable insights. However, this also means that marketing teams need to be educated and aware of research procedures and practices. At Zinklar, we’re working on closing this gap, bringing researchers and marketers together to guarantee research quality while keeping up with modern marketing’s demands. Researchers are just as essential, if not more, than before.

Embracing change is key to success

It’s only a matter of time. As professionals, we’re all well aware that the traditional way we’ve done market research is expiring. Companies and market research agencies shouldn’t resist it. Marketing teams need to confidently use technology to gather insights and collaborate with research experts on improving strategic decision-making. This synergy can lead to incredible results.

In 2018, Agile Market Research started really seeping into workplace cultures, and our clients are adapting and thriving in this paradigm shift. They’re taking their research hands-on and carrying out fieldwork that would, in the past, be lost to isolated research teams in a faraway research agency. So should you. This practical and goal focused approach can only make us better, from research companies like us to marketing teams and clients. We look forward to another year of progress and boundary breaks and urge our industry to welcome innovation with open arms.