Zinklar enables you to create as many users as you need and assign them the right level of permissions – from admins of the account to viewers of the insights you create.

This feature comes with plenty of benefits for you to manage your account according to your own needs:

• Bring more expertise to your research projects, allowing your team to create, edit and add suggestions to improve the projects before they are ready to go to fieldwork.
• Keep close sight of the budget spent by defining who in your team has the ability to launch new projects.
• Spread your insights across your organisation giving other teams access to Zinklar’s interactive dashboards to help them make even better decisions.
• Maintain full control over the platform by choosing who will be the owner and who will have access to admin capabilities.

When users and roles are most useful for you?

Companies with multiple users: the owner of the account can create users and assign permissions to other team members.

Users belonging to multiple companies. That would be the case of freelance research consultants who will have access to the different companies they are working for.

Roles and permissions

The users within a company will have the following main permissions:

• Owner: There can be only one owner per company, and they can transfer ownership, improve plan/ask for balance, invite new members, manage users and launch/edit projects.
• Admin: They can manage users, invite new members and launch/edit projects.
• Launcher: They can launch/edit projects.
• Editor: They can edit projects, but they can’t launch them.
• Viewer: They only have view permissions.

Further details of each role’s permissions can be seen in the table below.

Users and roles descriptive table

Users and roles descriptive table

Managing your company users

If you are the only user of your company, you will become automatically the owner of your account, and you will have the most complete set of permissions.

Before starting creating new users, you will need to make sure that the details of your company are complete. Please go to the account page and fill in all relevant data. Please note that other users will not be able to launch new projects until all the required information is complete.

The next step is to define users. Owners and admins of the account will see a tab called “Users” as soon as the information in the “Company” tab is complete. In this tab, owners and admins can:

• Invite new users.
Owners and admins are the ones with permission to invite new users, assigning them the right role. To do it, they just need to click on the “Invite user” button, add the e-mail address of the new user and select the desired role. Once this is performed, the new user will receive an e-mail invitation to join the company on the Zinklar platform.

Transfer ownership.
Current owners can assign ownership to someone else within the company by clicking on the “Transfer Ownership” button. Once the ownership is transferred, the previous owner will automatically become admin of the company.

Edit users and their roles.

Remove users.
Owners and admins can remove users. Please note that users who have ownership of the platform can’t be removed until they transfer the ownership to someone else.

Balance, plans and premium features

All these elements will be managed now at company level instead of at user level.

All projects launched by the approved users will be deducted from the company balance. The owner will have full visibility of the remaining balance at any time to manage costs according to the business needs. Only the owner of the company can ask for a new plan (so the button for that will be disabled for any other role).

All company users with permissions to edit or launch projects will benefit as well from any premium features within the contract. E.g. if Video Answers has been included in the package, all users with the right permission will have access to this premium feature to be used in connection with the projects they work on.

To start benefiting from the new users and roles features, please log in to the platform.