Food & Drink Consumption Habits

The impact of the pandemic on the way we eat and drink in and out of the home
Food and drink consumption have changed during the pandemic, but how exactly? Are these changes permanent, or will consumers resume their old patterns? What products will be consumed more and why? How the eating out habits and the use of food delivery options have been impacted?
We launched a survey in six countries – United States, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, and Spain – to understand how food and drink consumption habits have changed. These insights will help brands and retailers adapt to consumers’ preferences and successfully  manage categories and brands.
Some findings included in the report:
54% of consumers declare that they have changed how they eat and drink since the pandemic started. 
Low and without added sugar products, as well as high-protein options, have attracted new consumers during the pandemic.
Half of consumers declare eating out less frequently whereas the use of food delivery services has boomed, particularly in some countries. 


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