Market research types you can carry out.

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Exploratory Phase

Explore your category and find your target to design subsequent studies before conducting in-depth research into more specific subjects.

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Usage & Attitudes

Understand your market. Who is buying what, from where and how often as well as attitudes towards your brand and competitors.

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Concept and Product Testing

Discover the potential of new ideas and identify areas for improvement before turning them into products and marketing them.

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Name Testing

Find out if the name you want to give your product transmits the values you want it to and if consumers will understand your product.

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Claim Testing

Discover the claim that best conveys your brand and has the highest potential to distinguish you and increase engagement.

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Pack Testing

Getting your packaging right is as essential as having a great product. If it doesn’t attract the attention of consumers, they won’t buy it.

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Price Testing

Price is a key factor when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Understand which price points are too high or too low.

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Ad Pre-Testing

Thinking of launching a new campaign? With an advertising pre-test you can get consumer feedback and make sure you nail it!

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Communication Tracking

Check how effectively your communications capture consumers’ attention and what feelings they associate with your brand.

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Ad Post-Testing

Measure & improve advertising effectiveness. With consumer insights you can finetune every campaign and increase your ROI.

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Offers & Promotions

Determine the best way to promote your products and put them on offer as well as the impact this has on brand perception and sales.

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Funnel & Brand Health

Measure brand stands versus competition and how effectively it’s achieving its goals: awareness, consideration, purchase, etc.

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Image & Positioning

Make sure you are conveying the right image and positioning your brand correctly. The way consumers see you will impact your reputation.

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Drivers & Barriers

Thinking of expanding into a new category? Study everything you will encounter on your way and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Efficiency Measurement

Discover the best way to reach consumers with daily data on media and entertainment consumption across all channels & platforms.

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Consumption Tracker

Track consumer daily consumption of a specific product or category to anticipate and predict fluctuations in sales.

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Content Creation

Make some real ‘noise’ on media channels with the right content to grab attention and increase your brand awareness.

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