Zinklar Webinar

Agile Research: Learn how to multiply your consumer insights and accelerate your success

agile market research webinar

Discover how you can access insights at scale and stay better focused on the most critical priority – powering consumer intelligence for your brand.


¿Did you know that monadic testing is a market research technique where respondents evaluate different options through stimulus? This stimulus can be a product, a concept, an advertisement, a pack, or a name.


Key takeaways:


  • How to conduct market research even faster than before.
  • Monadic testing: a step-by-step guide. How to test products, concepts, ads, packaging, or names.
  • How easy is it to test different concepts and launch a project to a specific target audience from an available audience of over 140 million consumers.

View a live example of how to conduct a Monadic test in the Zinklar insights platform.