This tail end of summer we mobilised some of our Spain and UK based teams to attend the Technology For Marketing trade show, even our founders, Jordi Ferrer and Borja Ormaechea, were present. The event was at the Olympia London between September 26 – 27. We had the chance to talk professionals from the highest brand names in the industry and in all ranges of the marketing and tech spectrum, from experts in AI and Marketing Automation to creative copywriters and data-driven strategists. With more than 12,000 attendants (and growing every year) it gave us the chance to meet and talk to people that, all together, accelerate our industry. Most importantly, our position beside the bar was strategic in embroiling us in the better part of passionate conversations.

We’ve crystallised our main takeaways here, so you don’t miss out on what we’ve learnt:

1. Data-driven is not so 2017

Attendance to talks on creating data-driven strategies was very high, and marketers are very interested in using data to inform their decisions and strategies. It’s no wonder: with the accessibility and capability of new research tools and consumer’s demands for high-quality content and information, many marketing teams need to understand their work quantitatively.

2. Security and privacy in the age of data breaches are unfathomably important

It should be self-evident that you need to keep the trust of your consumer from every part of the research to the marketing process. But with the recent news of a data breach that affected Facebook (and all apps with Facebook logins), we should be making a better effort at protecting the data we store.

3. Technology serves the humans

It’s made to improve your teams’ work and skills, heighten consumer experience etc. Technology isn’t a goal in itself: but a tool to a goal. We gathered that industry leaders have understood the importance of capitalising on your people: learn new skills, be driven to improve your team’s’ and see the human aspect of what we do in marketing. A topic that came up frequently was diversity, the importance of embracing and understanding diversity.

4. Content is more important than ever

TFM itself has embraced a content-driven philosophy by working with the award-winning CloserStill Media. Content is not just a way of positioning your voice, it also serves the purpose of informing and improving your consumers understanding of why and how you’re the company they need. AI and Automation also mean that analysing texts has become a much faster and easier possibility, giving survey research the potential to use open text questions for more in-depth insights.

5. This is the age of faster research, but the market research community can’t compromise on its research standards

The number of technologists in the market research community is increasing at the same rate that research software and tools are being developed. But researchers have an essential responsibility and will continue to occupy an important space in both marketing and market research agencies. We ourselves have manifested the joint efforts of technologists and researchers to offer the fastest research turnaround while guaranteeing that we uphold methodological standards. We strive to provide a service that doesn’t compromise being thorough for being fast.

In conclusion, the face of marketing is changing and transforming with and through tech. The changes to our industry are not limited to just accelerating current workflows, but actually changing how it understands consumers and striving to individualise and personalise brand to consumer relationships. Within our community innovation is starting to change the ways we work, and the services on offer. TFM has illuminated and driven this transformation among the marketing community, for technologists, creatives and researchers from the leading brands in the industry. Marketing teams are aware and are excited to progress with us, will you?