Analyze actionable data from respondents that meet the highest quality standards while you benefit from insights automation.

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Start conversations with consumers any time they want, without waiting, without filters, and without limits. Hear what consumers say in their own words to get the complete picture.

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Test product concepts, brand names, packaging, price, and advertising campaigns more often and faster than ever before.

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Uncover and take advantage of the next big trend. Make it easy for your teams to profile audiences and understand consumer buying habits regularly anywhere in the world.

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The power to know


for your brand

Easy to manage spend

Conduct many more surveys while you keep your costs under control at all times.

Consumers you can trust

Tap into respondents sourced by leading global sample suppliers with strict quality controls.

Make decisions faster

Save time, launch surveys in minutes, gather results in a few hours and present insights the same day.

Access expert support

Get trained by an expert customer success team to take complete advantage of the platform.

Be more agile

Keep up-to pace of changes by having an “always-on” conversation with consumers.

Never miss a consumer

Direct access to consumers in 80 countries – where 99% of market research takes place. Maximum representativeness.

Why our
clients love

“You get results and insights in a matter of hours. This agility is key for decision making.”

Luis Mateu, Customer Market Insights Manager at Upfield

“The most valuable benefit of Zinklar is the ability to respond quickly to retailer requests.”

Sara Green, Global Head of Insight & Category Centre of Excellence at Bahlsen

“The platform is a tool that has become part of our daily life because it allows us to work in an agile way.”

Juan Antonio Villegas, Market Research Manager at Televisa

“Easiest set-up in history"

Nina Jakubowska, Senior Brand Manager at Reckitt

Inflation & Consumer
Behavior Report

62% of consumers worldwide have taken measures to counteract rising inflation. We launched a survey in six countries to discover the effects of inflation on consumption.

Get all the findings and adapt your brand strategies to the latest consumer trends.

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