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Bring the consumer to the heart of your organisation

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Consumer insights right when you need them

Zinklar’s survey platform allows you to run as many surveys as you want during the subscription period. Backing up your decision making with consumer insights more regularly will help you accelerate your growth and outpace your competitors

A survey platform to support all your needs

With Zinklar - The Market Research SaaS

On average, our clients launch more than one market research project per week

A market research platform to support all your needs

With Zinklar - The Research SaaS

On average, our clients launch more than 1 Market Research project per week

Benefits for marketing teams

Leave guesswork behind.

Secure more of your decisions with data.

Grow your brand and outpace competitors.

Increase and prove the ROI of every marketing activity.

Benefits for consumer insights teams

Make your insights even more central for your business.

Provide consumer insights to more teams more often.

Get answers in real-time.

Analyse data easily through interactive dashboards.

A survey platform trusted by many…

I enjoy the freedom that the Do It Yourself feature of Zinklar provides. My team and I are able to plan out and conduct market research, without being slowed down by too many processes. It gives us agility and the ability to launch as many studies as we need to get all the consumer insights necessary to make the best possible strategic decisions.

zinklar testimonial diana solorzano
Diana Solórzano
CMI Leader - Heineken

Gathering consumer insights can be inefficient and costly, especially when time is of the essence. It’s hard to plan for every single eventuality when conducting infrequent, ad hoc, market research studies. Zinklar is absolutely perfect for filling in the gaps effectively. I’m very impressed with the service and flexibility it offers.

zinklar testimonial sara green
Sara Green
Head of Insights - Hovis