Scale and pivot with ease

  • Stay ahead of the competition by identifying emerging trends, understanding consumer preferences, anticipate market shifts.
  • Build stronger customer relationships by gaining valuable insights into consumer sentiment, preferences, and concerns.
  • Identify evolving market demands, monitor competitor activities and confidently navigate the ever-changing market landscape

Empower teams to test

  • Take proactive actions to address consumer needs and preferences by enabling your team to easily design and distribute surveys in a timely manner
  • Assess the viability and desirability of new ideas, products, or features and save time making informed decisions on whether to pursue or refine your ideas
  • Generate actionable consumer insights and provide valuable feedback to your teams to  refine products or services, and making data-driven decisions.

Validate concepts across cultures easily

  • Empower and enable your team to think outside the box, experiment with innovative strategies, and pursue new opportunities without limitations.
  • Identify untapped markets, assess their potential, and make informed decisions on market expansion strategies
  • Uncover unmet needs, pain points, and emerging trends and quickly iterate and test new ideas, so you can explore and capitalize on fresh revenue opportunities

Why choose

Without Zinklar

  • Make decisions based on internal stakeholder opinions

  • Impossible to test lots of ideas

  • Struggle to program market research due to lack of skill sets

With Zinklar

  • Trusted audiences provide a complete view from your target consumer

  • Scalable market research with studies put into market faster than ever befores

  • Leverage an intuitive research platform so anyone can effortlessly create studies

See what Zinklar can do
for your brand

If your focus is to understand the market better, develop & test innovative products/concepts, conduct pre & post advertising tests, monitor consumer experience, or manage your brand’s health.

Our bespoke demo will answer your specific questions to see why Zinklar is the right choice for your particular insights requirements.