A plan that adapts to your needs



For individuals that want to run a survey now and make decisions immediately.
Create your account, configure your survey, and pay with your credit card. No commitments, complete flexibility.


Everything you need to launch your survey included:

  • Access to over 140 million consumers in 80 countries
  • Access to a rich bank of survey templates
  • Results as fast as in a few hours
  • Highest research standards
  • Full-analytical capabilities and interactive dashboards



For individuals or teams that need insights regularly with the support of research experts.
An annual plan lets you launch as many surveys as your credit permits. No more purchase orders and paperwork!


Everything included in the “pay-as-you-go” plan plus:

  •  Better price per survey
  •  Unlimited users in the account
  •  Access to all free features plus the chosen premium features
  •  Onboarding and training by the team of success managers
  •  Access to expert research support whenever is needed

Over 200 brands are already using Zinklar to bring consumers to the heart of their decision making

Not finding what you need?


No problem! Please get in touch to discuss your needs with our sales team.

Frequent questions

How does the balance work?

The subscription includes a credit available in the platform to launch projects every time you need. Having the available credit means there is no need to wait for a Purchase Order to field a study, and you can launch projects in an agile and immediate way

What if I do not exhaust my credit during my subscription?

In the case of a remaining balance at the end of the subscription, the amount will be carried over into the new subscription, provided that the renewal is billed for an amount equal to or greater than the previous subscription.

How does the expert support hours work?

We will provide you with assistance in designing and reviewing the questionnaires through the support hours included in your subscription. Coding and tabulation of open questions or customized reports will be budgeted separately.

How is the price of each survey calculated?

Subscriptions benefit from a better price per survey than the “pay-as-you-go” plan. The price of a survey is defined by the length of the Interview, the size of the sample, and the profile of your required audience. The more niche or selective your audience is, the higher the price. We’re always transparent with our pricing. Our platform automatically calculates the cost and displays it as you go through the different steps. You’ll be able to keep your survey within the required budget easily.