Stay ahead of the competition

  • Accelerate the launch of improvements that strongly resonate with your target market, gaining a competitive advantage and maximizing benefits.
  • Increase your market share with products that precisely cater to customer demands, leveraging an advantage and delivering substantial benefits.
  • Surpass competitors with agile product improvement processes, gaining an advantage and achieving enhanced functionality.

Consumer-driven product development

  • Create products tailored to the needs and desires of your target consumers, gaining a competitive advantage and enhancing functionality.
  • Achieve an advantage in product development by making decisions backed by dependable and comprehensive consumer feedback, optimizing functionality and benefit
  • Establish a reputation of excellence by consistently providing products that delight your target market, fostering an advantage and benefiting your brand.

Maximize market success

  • Gain a competitive advantage a by utilizing data-driven insights to steer new market launches, reducing risks and uncertainty.
  • Maximize benefits with precise evaluations of new concepts, enhancements, names, and packaging designs’ impact before entering a new market, ensuring successful launches.
  • Unlock higher ROI from new market investments by ensuring products align with the preferences of target consumers, providing a significant benefit and functionality.

Why choose

Without Zinklar

  • Make decisions based on internal stakeholder opinions

  • Impossible to test lots of ideas

  • Struggle to program market research due to lack of skill sets

With Zinklar

  • Trusted audiences provide a complete view from your target consumer

  • Scalable market research with studies put into market faster than ever befores

  • Leverage an intuitive research platform so anyone can effortlessly create studies

See what Zinklar can do
for your brand

If your focus is to understand the market better, develop & test innovative products/concepts, conduct pre & post advertising tests, monitor consumer experience, or manage your brand’s health

Our bespoke demo will answer your specific questions to see why Zinklar is the right choice for your particular insights requirements.