Ensure the highest quality standards

  • Fraud Detection powered by AI: Advanced fraud detection solutions powered by AI help identify and remove any respondent with suspicious behavior or inconsistent answers 
  • Trusted Audiences: Strict quality programmes and compliance with all the industry standards have been at the heart of their selection processes. Zinklar panel experts work with them every day to identify further opportunities to continue improving sampling quality.
  • Maximum Representativeness: Zinklar’s mobile platform helps you connect with a larger, more representative audience than desktop devices. Mobile surveys are shorter, which keeps respondents engaged and reduces drop-out rate.

Expert advice every step of the way

  • Fully customisable questionnaire templates covering most types of research are available to all users. A team of expert researchers is always ready to provide you all the advice you need during the entire process, so you can make every step with confidence.

Active members of the insights industry

  • Zinklar is a member of ESOMAR, adheres to its industry standards, and keeps pace with any new recommendations. Zinklar’s founders are also members of Insights + Analytics, the industry organization in Spain where the company has its headquarters.