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Zinklar is a consumer research platform that connects brands to people. With Zinklar, brands make better decisions supported by the right insights and consumers make their voice heard to get better products, experiences and content.
Zinklar was born back in 2016 with a clear vision: making high-quality consumer insights available to all kinds of brands, more easily and more often. Since then, hundreds of brands have used ZInklar to connect with consumers on a regular basis and unveil insights to help them grow.

Our History

Insights are too good to be scarce


The level of change that consumers and markets are dealing with nowadays is entirely unprecedented. Accelerated change has made the lifespan of insights shorter than ever, and the approach of conducting more extensive occasional research is losing ground versus having always on conversations with consumers. That way, changes are picked-up as they happen, and business leaders can take them into account when making a decision.
For this to happen, brands need to be empowered to have these conversations with consumers any time they want, without waiting, without filters, and without limits. Hearing what consumers say in their own words, being able to dig as in-depth as needed to get complete picture. This means taking the reins of research and reconnecting directly with consumers. That way, brands will improve the quality of their decisions and will become more consumer-centric organizations.

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