The Zinklar way

Make the complex simple and accessible

Bring consumers’ voice to the heart of the day-to-day decision-making for all kinds of companies and teams.

Give access to quality consumer insights available to marketing and research professionals who put the consumer at the center of their work.

Empower and guide brands in managing research projects that contribute to developing their skills and leading the success of their brand

Smart research. Smart decisions.

We created the Zinklar insights platform to empower brands to make data-driven decisions by placing consumers at the center of their strategy.

What we value and represent



We are committed to each one taking on their challenges and tasks and taking responsibility for carrying them out. We know that our actions or inactions have a lot of impact on the organization’s results.



We question the status quo and tirelessly innovate, and you will create new and better opportunities.



We live things intensely and with enthusiasm because we like what we do. We strive every day to be better, and we have fun in our work.



We believe in integrity and honesty. Exigence, excellence, and passion are not incompatible with respect, gratitude, generosity, empathy, or solidarity.



The quality of what we do is part of our business, of our value proposition, and we have it written in our DNA. Mediocrity and conformity isn’t in our vocabulary.

We’re looking for top-talented and passionate professionals