What would our business be without consumers? Absolutely nothing.

Striving to put consumers in the driving seat since day one, giving them a voice and listening to what they have to say.

We help organisations adapt their products and business models to them. We believe that happy consumers make good clients so let us help you put a smile on their faces.

Several years of experience
at the forefront of the industry

Jordi Ferrer

Founder & CEO

Borja Ormaechea

Founder & Co-CEO

Efrain Ribeiro

Sampling and Panel Advisor

Mónica Corral

Customer Success Director

Rhys Clements

Research & CS Manager EU

Maria Comadran

Research Manager Spain

Osiris Hernández

Research Manager Spain

Laura Montes Mota

Research Manager LATAM

J. Pablo De los Reyes

Director of Operations

Flavia Szymula

Sample Supply Specialist

Ingrid Fernandez

Measurement PM

Jonathan Cassoni

Product Manager

Andrea Segalerva

Product Owner

Albert Navas


Marina Clarés

Software Engineer

Francisco Blanco

Software Engineer

Aquilino Pinto

Software Engineer

Julio Cesar Martín

Software Engineer

Roberto Chavarria

Software Engineer

Saul Mases

Product Designer

Javier Gorena

Financial Controller

Laura Selma

Accounting, Office Manager

Francesc Arbiol

Head of Global Sales

Cindy Salas

Head of LATAM

Lautaro Rosas Pueyo

Key Account Manager Spain

Joan Cols

Key Account Manager Europe

Oriol Pou

Key Account Manager Europe

María Eugenia Garcia

Account Executive Brazil

Diana Straffon

Account Executive LATAM

Claudio Bonaffini


Ma. Angeles Miranda


Salima El Korchi


Chris Mackinnon

Sales Operations Manager

Nitesh Mayani

Sales Operations Specialist

Varsha Menghani

Company Sourcer

Pol Pascual

Company Sourcer

David Belmonte

SDR Spain

Flor González

Sales Effectiveness Specialist

Daniel Ceja


Bianca Pagliarini

SDR Brazil

Mercedes di Paola

Content Specialist

Bring the consumer
to the heart of your