Brand tracking

Proactively measure your brand’s consumer perception, track new market developments, and develop innovative ideas.


market share

Measure your campaigns’ contribution to brand building and key metrics that drive willingness to buy. Compare them to your competitors’ metrics and identify new opportunities.


React to market changes in real time

Create dashboards with continuous measurements of brand sentiment, brand consideration, purchase intent and brand value perception. React in real time to major market changes and make decisions quickly to seize opportunities and close the gap on your competitors


Create consumer-centric marketing plans

Understand the role of your brand and identify the necessary actions to reinforce the desired image and positioning. Uncover opportunities and come up with new innovation concepts and communication campaigns.

Access templates made by our team of market research experts

Launch your brand test in a few simple steps:


Begin using the always-on intuitive insights platform

  • Access to over 140 million consumers in 80 countries
  • Utilize a rich bank of survey templates
  • Results as fast as in a few hours
  • Highest research standards
  • Full-analytical capabilities and interactive dashboard