Opinion Polls

Extract valuable information about the mood and beliefs of a national representative sample or a specific segment of the population.


Track consumer viewpoints on topics

Measure the opinions of thousands of consumers about topics crucial to your organization. Use tracker surveys to monitor these trends over a specific period.


Provide contextual evidence for PR outreach

Submit press releases that include data and evidence of how people perceive relevant topics, markets or policies. Poll national representatives, or segment your audience from over 2000 predefined profiles across 80+ countries.


React effectively to crisis management

Proactively reach out to your target market to understand the impact of a significant issue impacting your brand.


Begin using the always-on intuitive insights platform:

  • Access to over 140 million consumers in 80 countries
  • Utilize a rich bank of survey templates
  • Results as fast as in a few hours
  • Highest research standards
  • Full-analytical capabilities and interactive dashboard

Start your study today

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