Case study

Dr. Oetker’s Recipe for Success

How the leading brand created a brand tracking study to drive business growth

Dr. Oetker holds a leading position among food industry brands not only in Germany, where 97% of consumers recognize the brand, but also internationally, making it one of the most trusted food product brands. Loyalty, sustainability, and credibility are essential factors for this family-owned company with over 130 years of history. Its journey dates back to 1891 when Dr. August Oetker, at the back of his pharmacy, invented the perfect blend of ingredients packaged in small envelopes, making any cake coming out of the oven delicious.


Today, Dr. Oetker is renowned for its pizzas and desserts, but these are not its sole business lines. They also work in wine and beer categories and hospitality. The company has made history with products that have filled consumers’ pantries and freezers worldwide. To understand the impact Zinklar has had on the organization, we spoke with Ramón Puntes, Marketing Manager at Dr. Oetker.


Dr. Oetker’s primary challenge was to have the ability to meet the growing need for valuable insights and validate hypotheses quickly and efficiently. Understanding market demands and connecting with consumers in record time was a fundamental challenge for improving their results.


Before partnering with Zinklar, they used traditional research options, which were slower in delivering results, and more generalist options for collecting pre-existing information that didn’t specifically pertain to their case or business.


They discovered Zinklar a few years ago, and it has since become an indispensable tool in their work. They were seeking a partner who could provide fast and agile research solutions. Specifically, they needed an annual tracking system and the ability to launch more ad-hoc studies. All of this helps them develop their day-to-day strategy and plans, directly impacting their brand’s success.


Dr. Oetker chose to trust Zinklar and use the platform to answer questions and confidently make data-driven decisions. The implementation of the platform at Dr. Oetker was straightforward, and they added it to their daily toolbox from the beginning.


Since they started using Zinklar, they’ve been able to make decisions more quickly, a crucial element in such a dynamic and competitive industry as food and beverages.


Zinklar offers Dr. Oetker three main benefits:

  1. Practicality: It’s an easy-to-use tool, accessible for anyone who needs to gather consumer input.
  2. Speed: In a matter of hours, they can obtain responses to questions and hypotheses.
  3. Data Confidence: Unlike phone or street surveys, mobile surveys allow them to connect with people easily through their phones, instilling trust in the quality of the information they receive.


While the marketing department primarily benefits from the Zinklar platform, being the guardians of the brand, it’s a valuable tool for various departments within the company seeking to better understand consumer behavior.


One of Dr. Oetker’s most significant successes with the Zinklar platform has been the creation of a tracking system on which they base many of their strategic decisions. They regularly conduct studies to monitor product categories, their target audience, brand sets, and brand positioning and image.


With Zinklar, Dr. Oetker now has rapid answers to their day-to-day questions, a critical aspect in the fast-paced consumer goods industry. They no longer have to wait for data analysis, data collection, or surveys. Instead, they can obtain consumer insights with speed and agility, enabling them to resolve any questions and continue advancing in all aspects of their business.

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