Case study

How Zinklar Transformed Tous’s Market Research

Elevating NPS by 10%

About Tous

TOUS, a century-old family-owned brand, has made excellence and innovation its guiding principles for growth. The company is globally recognized for its bold and creative jewelry. Tous’s team of skilled artisans is dedicated to preserving and extending the life of their high-quality jewelry. 


Before adopting Zinklar, TOUS faced several market research challenges. The utilization of data within the company was suboptimal, characterized by a lack of organization and fragmentation. TOUS aimed to transition to data-driven decision-making by leveraging external data for critical decisions, such as entering new markets, monitoring campaigns, and comparing performance with other companies. Zinklar appeared as a promising solution to address these challenges.


TOUS’s implementation of Zinklar started with sporadic usage, primarily for marketing and CRM purposes. They analyzed new markets, assessed brand penetration, and measured sector NPS occasionally. However, their engagement with Zinklar evolved to a monthly practice, benefiting the entire company. The types of market research conducted using Zinklar encompassed various areas, including:

  1. Monthly NPS
  2. Quarterly competitive comparisons
  3. Market penetration in different countries 
  4. Brand image analysis 
  5. Conjoint analysis to understand consumer preferences

Zinklar’s platform facilitated this research, ensuring data accuracy and quality. It also enabled TOUS to cross-reference external and internal information, leading to greater self-sufficiency and valuable insights


TOUS reaped numerous benefits from Zinklar, including autonomy, agility, data quality, and the ability to do more with fewer resources. Their most significant achievement was the implementation of internal NPS across all their stores, from leadership to store managers, covering pricing, product, and trade marketing. Zinklar allowed them to send surveys to their database, cross-reference data, and obtain insights by demographic profiles, saving approximately 40% in costs.

By extracting and sharing NPS data with the entire company, including stores, TOUS improved its NPS by 10% since its launch, a critical KPI for enhancing customer service. The company expanded this study to key countries, measuring it monthly and providing crucial insights for local teams. Zinklar’s platform revolutionized TOUS’s market research, saving time and resources and elevating their NPS to new heights.

We have expanded this study to 7-8 key countries, measuring it every month. All country directors seek this data to share it with their teams. We couldn’t have done all of this without Zinklar.

Àlvaro Gallego Fernández, Global CRM Manager, TOUS, Jewelry

TOUS highly recommends Zinklar’s market research platform to companies in various industries, emphasizing its value for marketing departments, especially in reaching new targets and markets. However, professionals focused on pricing, sales, or business can also benefit from the platform’s capabilities. 

Tous in Numbers

  • Monthly NPS study.
  • Occasional launch of 3-4 studies at a moment’s notice throughout the year.
  • Average time: 3 hours, including launching the study, data extraction to an automated dashboard, and presentation creation.

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