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Upfield’s Consumer Data-Driven Revolution

Transforming Insights with Zinklar

About Upfield

Upfield is a leading player in the food industry, committed to delivering healthier and more sustainable plant-based foods. As a forward-thinking company, they understand the importance of data and insights in driving their brand strategy. Luis Mateu, the Customer Market Insights Manager at Upfield Iberia, shares how they harnessed the power of data to make informed decisions and adapt to an ever-changing consumer landscape.


The global pandemic disrupted consumer behavior, leading to increased domestic consumption and the emergence of new habits. Understanding this “new normal” became crucial for Upfield. They needed to comprehend the permanence of these new trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. Moreover, the growing demand for sustainability added another layer of complexity. Consumers were seeking brands committed to a healthier planet, making it essential for Upfield to align their products with these values. To navigate these challenges successfully, Upfield required real-time data and insights.


Upfield turned to the Zinklar Insights Platform as a solution to their market research challenges. Zinklar’s platform offered versatility, enabling precise consumer targeting and quick response times. This agility transformed their decision-making process, allowing them to launch questionnaires and obtain results within hours. The platform facilitated the creation of a direct conversation with consumers, where Upfield could ask precise questions and gather valuable feedback, empowering them to adapt to rapidly changing consumer dynamics. 


The implementation of the Zinklar Insights Platform brought about transformative results for Upfield. They achieved their initial objectives of analyzing the market, detecting trends, and adapting to the “new normal.” However, the platform’s capabilities led to expanded applications, enabling Upfield to measure consumer perceptions, assess pricing strategies, and test product changes. The platform’s agility became a key asset for making timely and informed decisions in the fast-paced consumer goods industry.

In conclusion, Upfield’s data-driven journey with the Zinklar Insights Platform showcases how a dynamic and versatile insights platform can address the challenges of rapidly changing consumer behavior and growing demands for sustainability. It has enabled Upfield to gain agility and make data-informed decisions, ensuring their products remain aligned with evolving consumer values and preferences.

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