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Agile Market Research

The best Agile Market Research strategies in one handbook. Consumer insights every time you need them.

Key takeaways

  • Use consumer insights every day
  • Case studies on applied Agile Market Research
  • Optimize a campaign in real-time
  • Apply Agile Market Research

This handbook is dedicated to

Marketing & Insights professionals who want to conduct agile market research projects.

The traditional market research approach has led to the introduction of an innovative method that helps companies to make faster business decisions. This type of agile approach is borrowed from the agile software development industry and is now extending into many other disciplines. Its multiple iterations of concept testing and validation help the research team members to have a customer-centric approach. An agile research process means more frequent and shorter studies which deliver faster results and is cost-effective.

Download now our free handbook and learn how to obtain valuable consumer insights with an agile market research platform like Zinklar.

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About us

What does Zinklar do?

Zinklar provides high-quality surveys in minutes, allows you to gather responses in hours, and deliver actionable insights the same day – all from one platform.

Why our clients use Zinklar?

  • 140 million consumers from more than 80 countries where 99% of market research is conducted
  • More than 2000 pre-defined profiles
  • Completion rate is 3.5 times higher than the industry average
  • Average study completed in 4 hours vs. 42 hours for the nearest competitor

What solutions do we offer?

We allow your teams to test product concepts, brand names, packaging, price, and advertising campaigns more often and faster than ever before.