Target the best audience

  • Access to over 140 million verified consumers worldwide provides a vast pool of potential customers to target and expand your reach.
  • Filter by demographics using 2000+ consumer profiles allows you to precisely narrow down your target audience, increasing the chances of reaching the right customers
  • Mobile only responses helps you connect with a larger, more representative audience than desktop devices. Mobile surveys are shorter, which keeps respondents engaged and reduces drop-out rate.

Launch Research Studies efficiently

  • Gain a competitive edge with rapid research initiation, versatile scheduling, instant results, and actionable insights accessible on any device.
  • Accelerate data collection with engaging questionnaires that offer 12 question types, multimedia, and logic.
  • Utilize templates, survey length indicators, and linked answers for accurate data, resulting in quick, informed insights.

Get Actionable Insights in a blink

  • Effortlessly gain actionable insights with high-quality surveys created in minutes, accessing results within hours, and utilizing customizable templates. Conduct diverse surveys and projects for comprehensive analysis, optimizing decision-making.
  • Easily interact with visual dashboards, utilize advanced filters, and view results by demographics. 
  • Quickly export editable graphs and gain insights with sentiment analysis and word clouds.