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TURF Analysis

Anna Raventós

TURF, or Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis, is a sophisticated market research methodology that enables you to identify the optimal combination of product or service offerings to achieve the broadest reach within your target audience. It allows you to uncover unique insights into how various product combinations impact your market coverage.

Types of TURF Analysis

Our agile insights platform offers various forms of TURF Analysis to cater to your specific research needs:

  • Product TURF Analysis: Identify the ideal combination of products or services to maximize market reach while minimizing overlap.
  • Concept TURF Analysis: Evaluate the potential reach of different product concepts to fine-tune your development strategies.

Unlock the Potential of TURF Analysis

With TURF Analysis, you can achieve the following:

Product TURF Analysis for Broad Market Reach:

  • Discover which product combinations yield the widest audience reach.
  • Optimize your product portfolio to ensure you’re addressing the preferences of a diverse customer base.
  • Enhance marketing strategies to target different segments effectively.

Concept TURF Analysis for Concept Refinement:

  • Determine the potential reach of various product concepts to prioritize development efforts.
  • Streamline product development by focusing on concepts with the broadest appeal.
  • Minimize the risk of investing in concepts that may not align with customer preferences.

Leverage the Power of TURF Analysis for Your Business

TURF Analysis is a pivotal tool for businesses aiming to maximize their market reach and efficiently allocate resources. By understanding the ideal combinations of products or concepts to achieve the broadest audience coverage, you can make strategic decisions that elevate your market positioning.


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