Market Research

US Sustainable Consumer Expectations

How sustainability impacts purchasing habits in the FMCG sector

Key takeaways

  • 66% of consumers want brands to be more transparent regarding sustainability 
  • 72% of consumers prefer recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging 
  • The pack/label and Internet, are the main sources of information to know about sustainable products
  • Consumers among the 25 to 34 years old segment are the most sustainable in the US
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Survey design




400 consumers


March 2023

This report is dedicated to

Marketing and Insights professionals interested in understanding the expectations of Mexican consumers regarding sustainability. In this report, Zinklar delves into the new sustainable consumption habits and offers a vision of how sustainability is changing the purchasing preferences of Mexican consumers.
Being aligned with consumer behavior is crucial to success today. Consumers are increasingly aware of global warming and climate change. Which has significantly changed their purchase decisions supporting the cause through responsible consumption of environmentally friendly brands.

Download our free report and find out what sustainable products consumers in Mexico are willing to pay for. Discover the latest insights on the expectations of the sustainable consumer and determine if your brand is meeting these constantly evolving needs.

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