Zinklar Reports

Effects of Inflation on Consumer Behavior

How inflation concerns
impact consumers’ spending

effects of inflation on consumers behavior

Report highlights

2/3 of consumers worldwide have changed their buying behavior due to inflation rises
How are consumers in different countries coping with inflation rises?
Which industries are being hit hardest by consumer behavior changes?
How to counteract the change in consumer behavior? The opportunities and risks for your brand

Report survey design …

where (1)
US, UK, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain
who (1)
6.000 consumers
September 2022

… key findings

62 (3)
of consumers take measures against inflation
65 (2)
of consumers compare prices before buying a product
62 (3)
of consumers spend less on clothes

This report is dedicated to

Marketing and insights professionals who want to stay up to date with the latest changes in the market. The advent of a high inflation rate is rising prices of goods and services increasingly. This, together with the loss of consumer purchasing power, is changing consumer habits.
It is crucial for marketing departments to understand the new factors that influence purchasing habits and decisions, as well as consumer behavior. Companies that succeed in adapting their product and service offerings and marketing strategy to the new needs of their customers will outperform their competitors.
Read the full report on the effects of inflation on consumers’ behavior in 2022 and discover the opportunities and risks for your brand.
effects of inflation on consumers

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