Session 6

Defining the Research Target

The Consumer Profile

The research target is the consumer profile that you are interested in studying and analyzing. To define this target, you need to determine the socio-demographic characteristics of the study population.

Depending on your research objective, you may also need to identify other variables, such as:

  • Attitudinal Characteristics
  • Shopping Interests
  • Hobbies

The type and number of variables to consider will depend on your research objectives.

Examples of Defining the Research Target

Practical Scenarios

Let’s consider a couple of examples to illustrate the process of defining your research target:

  1. Understanding a New Range of Ice Cream (National Level):
  • Research Objective: Understanding the potential market for a new range of ice cream.
  • Variables to Consider: Gender, age, place of residence, and being a regular buyer of the ice cream category.
  1. Assessing a Luxury Travel Brand (Global Markets):
  • Research Objective: Evaluating the health of a luxury travel brand in multiple global markets.
  • Variables to Consider: Age, country of residence, and socio-economic status (targeting consumers with high purchasing power).


Thank you for joining us in Episode 6 of the Zinklar Academy! We’ve explored the process of defining your research target, focusing on consumer profiles and variables based on practical examples.

In our next session, we’ll continue our journey through the world of market research. Stay tuned for more valuable insights!

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