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Anna Raventós

When Users and Roles are most useful for you?

Get better insights thanks to the new features of Zinklar, the agile market research platform. Now Zinklar enables you to create as many users as you need and assign them the right level of permissions – from admins of the account to viewers of the insights you create.

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This feature comes with plenty of benefits for you to manage your account according to your own needs:

  • Bring more expertise to your research projects, allowing your team to create, edit and add suggestions to improve the projects before they are ready to go to fieldwork.
  • Keep close sight of the budget spent by defining who in your team has the ability to launch new projects.
  • Spread your insights across your organization giving other teams access to Zinklar’s interactive dashboards to help them make even better decisions.
  • Maintain full control over the platform by choosing who will be the owner and who will have access to admin capabilities.

Companies with multiple users: the owner of the account can create users and assign permissions to other team members.

Users belonging to multiple companies. That would be the case for freelance research consultants who will have access to the different companies they are working for.

Learn more about our Users and Roles feature on our Knowledge Base!

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