8 Benefits of Fieldwork Market Research in Real-Time

Anna Raventós

You’re getting your insights, fast

Completing fieldwork market research in three hours is not just about working faster. It fundamentally changes how and when you can use research. Some advantages are obvious, but we’ve noticed that market research has changed radically because of it. Here’s how:

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The first advantage is the most obvious. Completing market research fieldwork in three hours is much quicker than standard quantitative research, and it means you’ll be able to act on your results faster too. Write a survey Monday morning, conduct fieldwork over lunch, and have data to analyze that afternoon. That’s fast and efficient.

Real-time opinions on hot topics

A platform that collects consumers’ answers to your questions and displays them in real-time connects you to the consumer’s present. Real-time and three hours of fieldwork help you get a pulse for how consumers see current events, and you’ll be able to carry out sentiment analysis that bypasses some of the issues we experience in social listening research. For example, Twitter only lets you analyze 1% of its contents and gives no guarantee of whether participants are real people and not bots/fake users. By using an Agile Market Research platform like Zinklar, you’ll have methodological guarantees and results without delay.

Go from insight to action in record time

You can collect data and define strategic actions on the same day. Traditional market research can add hours or even days to a timeline before generating confident and actionable insights. Reducing the length of fieldwork and empowering you to carry out research, while counting on the backup of research experts, means you collect insights you can act on, much quicker.

Fewer humans, more efficiency

We love humans. In fact, as researchers, we study them compulsively. However, the more people are involved in a project, the more potential for error and the lengthier the timeline to completion. That’s why, at Zinklar, we cut out the middle man: you must register, and can start using a well-rounded research tool. Our researchers are at your disposal, only if and when you need them. No complicated contracts, no back and forth to design your study. Just log in, launch, and get results, live. The data you need, when you need it.

Your gut feelings are confirmed by the data

A platform that collects results in real-time and completes market research fieldwork in three hours helps you be more flexible when it comes to carrying out research. Knowing you’ve got the support of research experts will also reduce stress. If a new challenge arises and you need data to inform your actions or support your decisions, you can get it. It means we don’t have to rely on gut feeling and we can validate our opinions with data. If you have a tight deadline, where you’d previously you’d have no time for research, now it becomes a possibility.

Impress with your adaptability

Incorporating research into timelines ahead of schedule becomes more realistic as it’s now more streamlined and less time-consuming. If you forget something, or you have an important meeting and feel like you need more data to support you: there’s no need to worry. This flexibility will help teams work collaboratively when resolving problems or contrasting opinions, and you’ll be able to spot and fix unexpected issues in your campaigns, without having to start from the beginning.

Tracks Real success

Being able to see results come in as they happen means your fieldwork market research and performance are more transparent. You’ll be able to track campaigns such as TV ads or sponsorships, by launching research at very precise times (e.g. right as a football match or program is being shown on TV). Visualized data also means you’ve got a head start on analysis, and you can prioritize strategies that really work.

New Market Research methodologies

Real-time market research fieldwork means you can quickly gather complex insights and carry out previously cumbersome studies. The mobile, real-time nature of the platform means you can capture leisure activities or consumption habits as they’re happening. Giving you immediate access to consumers means you can predict the type of activity they’ll be carrying out, and you’ll be able to explore what once were time-consuming methodologies.

We shouldn’t forget that one of the critical reasons market research with Zinklar is real-time and completed market research fieldwork in just three hours, is that we count on fully mobile panels. We take a more in-depth look into how, exactly, these panels make such a big difference in our blog post. We’re already convinced. You can also discover Zinklar now, and get the insight you need today.

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