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Anna Raventós

Dreaming big with Snappy Research

Today we say goodbye to our beloved brand Snappy Research to become Zinklar. In the ESOMAR report, Global Market Research 2016, what many of us already imagined at that time was confirmed: the industry had suffered a slowdown in previous years, and its growth had almost completely stopped until 2016. And it is that the market research had not caught up with the needs of companies. Meanwhile, our founders, Jordi Ferrer and Borja Ormaechea anticipated and listened to the needs of the brands. IBISWorld also predicted that between 2016 and 2020 we would see a revolution in the industry, as innovative methodologies were adopted by the industry. We are in 2019 and Snappy Research is the proof that this prediction has come true.

More than three years ago we decided to change the market research industry, giving birth to this great project. We knew we wanted to give all marketing teams the ability to launch market research and get results in less than three hours, without compromising quality a bit. 

Ever since we launched our first study at Snappy Research, we knew we had the chance to change market research forever. In this time, Snappy Research has provided the ability to obtain rigorous research on each and every one of the decisions that brands face in their day-to-day. In fact, “doing a Snappy” has become a common expression among leading companies and is now a way of referring to an agile, fast, and quality survey. In these years, we have seen a radical change in how marketing teams use research and what they need from their suppliers. We have learned a lot, grown a lot, and changed a lot.

We are now an international company and we offer our clients a global Agile Market Research service. With all these changes the brand has become small. Thanks to the efforts of our team, the incorporation of suggestions from our clients, and our collaborations with certified panel providers and other experts, we present a new, more mature, and international brand, accompanied by a rejuvenated and even more user-friendly platform: Zinklar enters to scene. We’ve brought together all the best of Snappy and tailored it for the new decade of innovation and excitement that the market research industry is expecting.

What does Zinklar mean?

  • A new design designed to make your day-to-day easier
  • New and improved features for a more scalable platform with better global reach
  • A team with a background in research that knows the local market and with international experience.
  • Decisions that have less risk for you: more agile, fast, and safe.

Zinklar is the result of months of effort by our team, a team that is preparing to continue offering one of the best Agile Market Research platforms and services to clients all over the world, from different industries and sectors. We count on continuing to grow by your side. Do you still have any questions?

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