Zinklar Increases Audience Reach with B2B and Social Media Profiles

Anna Raventós

Zinklar now gives users access to:

Barcelona, Spain, (21st March) – Zinklar is proud to announce a significant expansion to its audience reach capabilities by leveraging B2B and Healthcare professionals, and social media profiles. The company’s primary source of audience insights has always been through its 300-strong panel partners, consisting of over 140 million+ consumers from 80 countries. However, by supplementing this with B2B profiles and social media profiling, Zinklar can further enrich its demographic targeting capabilities for specific projects, resulting in a wider reach and better audience insights experience.

Consumer profiles that were difficult or impossible to reach

With recruitment on social networks, Zinklar can access a global audience of 4.6 billion users. This approach is now available to all clients for profiles that were previously hard to contact.

Professional profiles to conduct B2B and healthcare research

Zinklar clients can now target previously hard-to-find profiles such as financial decision-makers, pharmacists, general practitioners (medical), and much more in an agile and versatile manner, all from one insights platform.

Zinklar is a leading provider of consumer insights, serving various industries, including but not limited to FMCG, Pharmaceutical, and Banking. With these new capabilities, Zinklar is better equipped to give its clients the insights they need to make smart business decisions. For more information about Zinklar and this development, please either contact the customer success team or visit Zinklar.com.

We are excited to be able to offer our clients a more robust and accurate way to target their desired audience, especially with the ability to target specific B2B profiles across industries including but not limited to the financial, healthcare and pharmaceutical sector

David Alcoba, Head of Product at Zinklar

About Zinklar

Zinklar is a consumer research platform that connects brands to people. With Zinklar, brands make better decisions supported by the right insights and consumers make their voice heard to get better products, experiences and content.

Zinklar was born back in 2016 with a clear vision: making high-quality consumer insights available to all kinds of brands, more efficiently and more often. Since then, hundreds of brands have used ZInklar to connect with consumers regularly and unveil insights to help them grow.

The addition of social profiles helps us fulfill our goal to always provide the best possible consumer insights, and this new capability allows us to keep up with the rhythm set by the trends, values, and codes of new generations.

Juan Pablo Los Reyes, Director of Operations at Zinklar

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