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Anna Raventós

Key release highlights: 

Get ready for an Easter surprise! While our team could talk about chocolate all day, we’ve been busy focusing on something even sweeter: making it easier for you to access the latest consumer insights.

The latest Q1 developments and improvements are sure to put a spring in your step, allowing you to get even more out of the platform and permitting you to conduct research more efficiently and effectively.

  • Make it even easier to launch a Packaging Test with Guided Solutions
  • Measure your studies with confidence with Internal Benchmark
  • Build surveys faster by pasting a list of answers
  • Even easier to add Logic Jumps & Linked Answers
  • Target more accurately with the addition of Ethnicity socio-demo for the USA
  • Conduct deeper research with custom quotas in Social class
  • Have more flexibility with question description as an optional setting
  • Connect with Zinklar with our new Brand Refresh in the platform

Packaging Test within Guided Solutions: 

Our latest improvement, Packaging Test within Guided Solutions, is a game-changer if you are looking to gain valuable insights into how their products are perceived in the market. This new functionality allows even those of you with limited market research experience to easily conduct packaging tests within the platform. Simply select your study objectives, and the platform will generate a high-quality, fully complete survey in real-time, saving you valuable time and resources.

Internal Benchmark: 

A further significant addition: is the Internal Benchmark feature. With this functionality, you can easily compare your current results with past performance, gaining valuable insights into your progress. Internal benchmarking is a powerful tool to assess your organizational performance and identify areas for improvement. By looking closer in the mirror, you can identify strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions to improve their operations. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to dive into internal benchmarking with Zinklar.

UX Improvements to Logic Jumps, Linked Answers, Question design and more

The latest update makes it even easier for you to program studies from scratch: the ability to paste a list of answers will significantly reduce the time it takes to design studies. This new feature will make it faster and easier for you to conduct research on the platform. Additionally, our product team has made substantial UX improvements to Logic Jumps and Linked Answers. These improvements will make it a breeze to create complex surveys and questionnaires, giving you a wider range of options to customize and personalize your research studies. Finally, our team has made question descriptions an optional setting, giving you more control over how you present your research questions.

Addition of Ethnicity Sociodemo for USA:

Our product team’s addition of Ethnicity Sociodemo for the USA, helps you to better understand how different ethnic groups perceive your products and services. This demographic factor influences consumer behavior, purchasing decisions, and attitudes towards different products. Gathering specific data on the ethnic makeup of your target audience can help you to develop more effective marketing strategies and identify potential areas of opportunity or challenges in different ethnic markets. Overall, this addition can help you better understand the diverse population they are studying and make more informed decisions based on your findings.

Custom Quotas in Social Class

Our last big update of the quarter is that we are excited to announce that you can now set custom quotas in Social Class (assisted only), providing a more targeted approach to research studies. With this improvement, you can better target respondents that represent their desired population, resulting in more accurate and reliable research findings. By ensuring that the sample group accurately reflects the broader population, you can make more informed decisions based on the insights gathered. This enhancement in custom quotas makes the research process more efficient and effective, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

Overall, these new features and enhancements will enable you to conduct faster, more efficient research studies and gain deeper insights into consumer behavior. Zinklar remains committed to providing the best-in-class consumer insights platform for marketing and insights teams.

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