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How Televisa has made its Advertising more Effective

The world’s largest Spanish-language media group focuses its strategy on the use of data.

The union between Televisa and Univision has been one of the most important changes in the Mexican television industry, making it the largest Spanish-language media group in the world. This union not only brings together decades of experience in the industry, but also has an unparalleled potential audience.

Televisa Univision has an ecosystem of platforms that allows them to offer their clients a wide variety of solutions for their advertising campaigns. We are not only talking about traditional television but also about the digital channel, including its streaming platform. The company’s audience is one of its differential values, not only in terms of reach but also in terms of quality.

In Televisa Univision’s strategy, market research is fundamental. One of its main pillars is data-driven decision-making. For this, one of the solutions that the media giant uses is the insights platform Zinklar, which allows them to demonstrate to their clients that the advertising campaigns they are making with them are working. To learn more about the impact of this solution on the organization, we talked to Juan Antonio Villegas, Market Research Manager at TelevisaUnivisión.


Digital transformation is conditioning new buying habits, new lifestyles, and new generations that bring new ways of consuming audiovisual content, and all this, within an advertising market that is also constantly evolving.

In recent years, companies have been looking for agile growth related to emerging technology startups, the famous unicorns. This context has led the advertising industry to take a more scientific, data-driven, big-data approach. And, as Juan Antonio Villegas explains, this implies a higher degree of analysis and expertise, as well as more robust methodologies. In marketing, and more specifically in the advertising market, having insights practically immediately allows decisions to be made to optimize advertising campaigns and meet the objectives set.

In this changing context, media groups such as Televisa Univision need to offer brand insights that demonstrate that their advertising campaigns work and that they will achieve their objectives by choosing them. In addition, it’s essential to identify the target, which is becoming more and more complicated due to its fragmentation. For this reason, measuring the performance of each action is crucial for brands.


Televisa Univision works with different solutions to demonstrate that the advertising actions carried out on its channels work. “Thanks to insights platforms such as Zinklar, we can obtain metrics related to purchasing intent or engagement,” says Villegas.

By identifying the client’s objectives, Televisa Univision can create a strategy that helps obtain the necessary insights. There are many strategies, and choosing one or another will depend on the goals to be achieved. 

The Zinklar platform offers Televisa agility to deliver results in a timely manner and identify actions that work, those that can be improved and new opportunities that may arise. All of this offers the media group added value in its sector.


The Zinklar platform has helped Televisa Univision demonstrate the effectiveness of its clients’ advertising campaigns. “It’s a very simple methodology that allows us to design questionnaires with a structure and logic,” says Televisa’s Market Research Manager. According to the expert, “the platform is a tool that has become part of our daily work because it allows us to work in an agile way, a fact that nowadays has an added value in the market research industry”.

Televisa Univision, through Zinklar, can demonstrate to its clients that its advertising pieces are impacting its target audience. “The platform helps us identify if the brand metrics of each campaign and client are having an impact. And this is reflected on the branding side or on the performance side, talking about the sales of their products. All this shows our clients, with data, what they are making well and what can be improved,” explains Villegas.

Nowadays, the insights expert explains, it’s not enough to make the advertising campaign, but we have to show the brands that what they are doing with us works, and Zinklar is a tool that has helped us to carry out these reports. 

According to Villegas, the platform is very easy to use; anyone can use it knowing what they want to ask. “That (ease of use) is one of the things that generate added value and that we like a lot about Zinklar, because it’s something that guides you by the hand. This tool makes it easy to use to generate different types of questions, and in that aspect, I think it’s a competitive advantage in the market because you don’t find it anywhere else.”

“Zinklar has made life easier for us to make our advertising tests,” says the insights specialist. “Speaking specifically about my team, they are very professional people who already have some experience in the industry, however, the advice that Zinklar gives us is very helpful because there are methodologies in which we need to have more control of the data”.

The most recurring functionalities for Televisa

Evaluating images of the creatives shown on TV or digitally is one of the things that has helped us a lot. With this functionality, we can identify what is working best in the ad. Video answers are also very useful, as they help us contrast and give our clients more confidence. This format offers a testimonial that shows that the people answering the questionnaire are real, people who watch television, surf the Internet, and consume audiovisual content.

Televisa&Zinklar Success Stories

Televisa has several success stories in different categories, from soft drinks to retail or e-commerce. With Zinklar, Televisa can demonstrate that each advertising strategy the client has entrusted them with generates results. 

All the success stories can be consulted on the web. These can range from the most basic awareness objectives to a purchase intent objective or to transmit a specific message. In this way, Televisa Univision demonstrates to brands that their investments really have a return on investment, which means that they are achieving their objectives. “And we can do all of this through Zinklar,” says Villegas.

Televisa in numbers

  • Number of studies launched with Zinklar: 156
  • Monthly projects: 3-6
  • Average project duration: 5-10 hours

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