Video answers

Video answers is a feature that allows you to ask open-ended questions and obtain a reasoned answer in video format. This functionality of the platform allows you to obtain very rich qualitative information. 

To use this feature, it is necessary to request its activation through the platform, and it will be available over the next 5 working days. 

Where to set the video answers

To activate video answers, access the Zinklar platform and go to the “survey” section. Onthis screen, in the left margin, select the option “long open answers” and then click on “request”.


How to set the video answers

Once the request has been made, a message appears asking for confirmation of the request and informing that it will be effective over the next 5 working days. 

The activation request is only necessary the first time, so in the next projects, the feature will already be available on the platform.

How to use them

Once the functionality is active, you must select that video answers are allowed and indicate the maximum amount you wish to obtain. Finally, the open question to which the user must respond is entered. There is no limit to the number of video answers that can be asked, and respondents are not obliged to answer them.