Menú The challenge The brand repositioning process Examples of questions included in the study Results Conclusion 7 min read The challenge The following is a use case based on the actual facts of one of our clients, which will help you get an idea of the usefulness of our smart insights platform. Find out how to ... Read more
Menú What is brand health? Why is it important to measure brand health? Key metrics for measuring brand health Brand health questions 5 min read What is brand health? Faced with the constant dynamism of the market, your brand must adapt to stay competitive. It’s essential to know the market, your consumer’s perceptions of your ... Read more
Menú A front row to the future in Research 7 min read A front row to the future in Research This is a series of short interviews done to a few key members of the Zinklar team, where they share some of the experiences they’ve had throughout their respective careers, as well as some they’ve ... Read more
Menú Our U&A Success Stories Case One: Product relaunch Case Two: Brand image improvement Case Three: New target repositioning 5 min read Our U&A Success Stories Usage & Attitude (U&A) is a market research type of study which allows you to understand your market: who is buying what, from where and how often, as well ... Read more
Menú Photoslurp Zinklar and Photoslurp Purchase Habits What exactly do we buy? Recommendations 8 min read Photoslurp Do you work in the cosmetics industry? Are you already present online or thinking of taking the leap? Either way, we’re going to take a deep dive into how European women’s eCommerce cosmetics trends in 2019. Hold on ... Read more