The meaning of Usage and Attitude or U&A

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Our U&A Success Stories

Usage & Attitude (U&A) is a market research type of study which allows you to understand your market: who is buying what, from where and how often, as well as attitudes towards your brand and competitors.

To learn how some of our clients have carried out U&A studies and the results obtained thanks to the strategies implemented based on consumer insights, continue reading.

Case One: Product relaunch

In the first one, a fashion and perfume company was thinking about launching a premium version of one of their star products without removing the original one from stores, in order to take advantage of the success attained by the latter. The brand launched a study to predict how consumers would respond to the launch and if they were willing to pay a 25% price increase for it. When ? of respondents declared they were happy to pay the price, as long as the new product replaced the old one, it became a new and empowered version of the original fragrance.

The results lead to a relaunch of the product with its original name and identity but communicating the new formula, packaging and design as an evolution. By year’s end, product sales had increased by 15% in comparison to the year before. Learn all about the complete Success Story.

Case Two: Brand image improvement

In the second one, an FMCG market leader realised that consumers weren’t feeling as connected to the brand as before. This made the company want to improve their choice of brand ambassador, so they launched a U&A study along with Brand Health and Communication trackings and several Ad Post-tests. The surveys’ data told them that one of the celebrities had a 90% affinity with the brand, but 75% of the audience was against the type of advertising used.

A communication plan led by the chosen celebrity was drawn out, which helped bring the brand closer to consumers. This in turn led to a 20% sales increase in comparison to the year before. Learn all about the complete Success Story.

Case Three: New target repositioning

In the third one, a multinational dairy product producer saw its sales hit rock bottom because of the massification of their product category and the little differentiation within it. To combat this, they decided to rethink their communication strategy and use a strategy based on supporting its ‘healthy’ brands. The company launched several U&A studies, Exploratory Phase, Concept testing and Product testing, to understand their target’s purchase intent and consumption habits, which led to the redefinition of the target and the design and launch of 2 pilot new products. This ended up giving the brand an increase of 4pp in global market penetration. Learn all about the complete Success Story.

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