Measuring rebranding ROI: a successful case study

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The challenge

The following is a use case based on the actual facts of one of our clients, which will help you get an idea of the usefulness of our smart insights platform. Find out how to measure your rebranding ROI and how to define a strong marketing strategy for a successful rebranding.

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We place the utmost importance on our client’s privacy and confidentiality, therefore we won’t be disclosing their identity.

A brand of deodorant for men, part of an FMCG multinational, realizes that its market penetration is falling, impacting market share figures directly. Consequently, it decided to rebrand. The company conducted a multicountry study including the main European countries it’s present in (UK, Germany, and France) to understand brand perception in consumers’ minds.

Results show that consumers consider the brand to be traditional and old-fashioned. This could be a real risk and lead to a loss of consumers and to the brand being viewed as weak and outdated. The brand also finds out that consumers consider the modernity of the product essential, linking it with its capacity to innovate and adapt to their needs.

The brand’s main goal is to find a brand image that attracts its current clients, is able to attract new consumers in every one of its markets, and transmits a more modern image. To do so, the packaging’s aesthetics and architecture are redesigned, the color palette swapped and all the visual elements, like the logo and font, changed.

The rebranding process

In order to achieve its goals, the brand comes up with 3 different brand identity proposals which it tests via another multicountry study. The first proposal is very similar to the current one, with a few small adjustments; the second proposal implies moderate changes, changing the color of the pack and the background image; and the third and final proposal is completely different, not leaving anything at all from the original brand identity.

KPI’s for the rebranding process

  • Originality and innovation, to find out if it’s completely innovative and modern or if there is already something similar on the market.
  • Purchase intent. Consumer willingness to buy the product and the ability to get them to try it for the first time.
  • Customer satisfaction. Is the product everything consumers expected? Would they recommend it?
  • Likeability. Do consumers love it and what exactly grabs their attention?
  • Brand awareness. Consumer association of the visual elements, like the logo, typography, and packaging. By trying different options, consumers may not identify the brand correctly, so its reputation may be at risk if they associate it with a different brand.

Post testing in advertising

Examples of packaging redesign questions included in the study

  • Have you ever seen this product packaging before?
  • Which of these two packaging options do you prefer?
  • From 1 to 10, rate the typography of this packaging.
  • Is it modern and innovative?
  • Is this product unique?
  • Would you buy it?
  • Would you recommend it?


The study concludes with different results in each country although, overall, the new proposals are not well received by consumers. The brand launches a third study to find out exactly what elements each consumer like and what doesn’t convince them.

Results show that each of the brand identity options presented in the previous studies has a high-ranking element, making the best course of action to combine them into a single proposal: a new mix of typography, logo, design, and color.

The brand needs to test the new proposal so it launches yet another study and, although the results are much better, in some countries consumers aren’t associating it with the brand, with implies a massive risk of losing market share.

Taking this into account, the brand creates an improved version, bringing back some of the elements of the previous identity, like the original color and the font, to get consumers to associate it with the brand.

Before launching it, and to guarantee its success, the current identity, the new one, and the brand’s main competitor’s strongest variant are tested, to get an idea of its true potential.

Results show that consumers from every market consider the new version to be innovative and unique, ranking higher than its competitors and the old brand identity.

Rebranding ROI: A successful Brand Identity Renewal

  • +8% rotation and sales in comparison to the previous product launch
  • +3% global sales during the first year (excluding promotional periods and seasonal sales peaks)
  • +15% market penetration

Six months after the launch the brand tests its brand perception once again, comparing it to the rest of the brands on the market, and the results confirm that all the actions are correctly executed and have a positive outcome.

Measure the ROI of your rebranding today

How about you? Have you ever faced a challenge like this? Have you got all the tools at your disposal to determine what the best brand identity for your company is and its true potential before launching it?

Here at Zinklar, we aim to help you bring consumers to the heart of all your decisions. With Zinklar you can measure the return on investment (ROI) of your rebranding or brand refresh of your product or service. Contact us today!

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