A Claims Testing is a market research study type that allows the brand to discover the claim that best conveys the brand and has the highest potential to distinguish itself and increase engagement.

A Claims Testing Success Story: Adapting campaign globally


To learn how some of our clients have carried out Claims Testing studies and the results obtained thanks to the strategies implemented based on consumer insights, continue reading:

A Spanish laundry detergent brand positioned as mid-tier, with an international portfolio (including in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, and Portugal), wanted to launch its new ad campaign across these countries and have the same impact and communication strength in each one of them.

Since the products, the strategies, and new ad campaigns were developed in Spain, the brand would have to determine whether the message they wanted to transmit would have a positive impact on brand image and equity, and not confuse consumers in the countries they were present in.

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The brand launched a Multi-Country study that included a copy translated into the languages of the countries it was present in as well as different packaging options for each one.

With the results in hand, the brand launched a second study that pitted the results of their own benchmark (from previous campaigns launched via Zinklar) with the results of the new campaign. Additionally, the results of these studies were segmented by age and by brands currently purchased by consumers, which helped the brand determine if the campaign was able to steal market share from direct competitors.

Through Claims Testing, the brand discovered that the optimal communication style for Spain and Italy was more conservative than that of Portugal and CEE countries. So they came up with an action plan that included changing the packshot and putting the old selling line back into place. The brand launched another study resulting in a score high enough to launch the campaign in Spain and Italy as well. As a result, the brand experienced a 9% increase in sales during its airing on a global scale. Learn all about the complete Success Story.

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