Ad tracking or advertising tracker is a market research type of study that allows brands to check how effectively their communications capture consumers’ attention and what feelings they associate with their brand. There are also ad pre-testing and post-testing to measure the communication campaign effectiveness.

An Ad Tracking Success Story: Brand image improvement


To learn how some of our clients have carried out Ad Tracking studies and the results obtained thanks to the strategies implemented based on consumer insights, continue reading:

A multinational market leader in health and home products realized (thanks to their Brand Health tracking) that consumers weren’t feeling as connected as before and felt that the brand was growing increasingly more distant. To improve their brand image, they decided to connect it to a celebrity that consumers could relate to, and obtain relevant, periodically-obtained insights, that would measure the celebrity’s reputation and affinity to the brand.

The company launched a study to find out the affinity between the brand and 10 celebrities, which showed that mothers, journalists, and TV hosts were the best fit. To decide which one would be the new brand ambassador, they conducted non-traditional advertising and launched a study about the product, its affinity with the celebrity, and the type of advertising. One of the celebrities came out on top but it turned out that most of the audience was against the type of advertising being used.

A communications plan led by the chosen celebrity was drawn out, which helped bring the brand closer to consumers. This in turn led to a 20% sales increase in comparison to the year before. To discover the repercussions of each one of these actions, as well as monitor the celebrity’s reputation and affinity, 3 weekly ad tracking studies were launched (one after each episode of the show) to improve the way ads were presented on the show.
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