Ad testing survey template: 10 essential questions

Anna Raventós

Advertising pre-test questions

Creating market research from scratch can be more accessible by leveraging professionally curated templates. Regardless of the level of experience or knowledge in the sector, solutions such as the Zinklar insights platform facilitate advertising testing, packaging testing, and more so that any company and professional can launch studies to make decisions focused on the consumer. Discover more about ad testing survey templates here:

Post testing in advertising

The advertising pre-test allows users to evaluate an advertising campaign’s impact before launching it to ensure its success. In this way, brands can optimize the ads of a product or service based on the preferences of their target audience.

To make it easier for brands to ask their audience the right questions, Zinklar offers a survey template fully customizable to the needs of each study. Examples of pre-test advertising questions are:

  • What is the main message of this ad?
  • What would you improve about this ad?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, to what extent do you think this ad differs from others?

With Zinklar’s pre-test advertising template, you can test image or text creatives and evaluate from one to 12 ads at a time (monadic test).

Ad Pre-Testing Template

Post-test advertising questions

The purpose of the advertising post-test is to help obtain insights about the advertising effectiveness of a campaign. It is a very valuable tool to know if the actions carried out by the brand transmit the desired message and if it is going the right way to achieve the established objectives.

With the advertising post-test, brands obtain the necessary insights to improve future actions and ad campaigns. Therefore, it is essential to design an appropriate form to obtain the necessary results.

Examples of questions for an advertising post-test are:

  • What do you like most about this ad?
  • After seeing this ad, to what extent are you willing to buy [[YOUR BRAND]]?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how easy was it to understand what this ad is trying to communicate?

Ad tracking questions

Ad tracking is a type of market research that allows brands to monitor the effectiveness of their advertising actions to know their impact. In this way, they can evaluate campaigns in real-time and know if their communications are getting the desired results or if, on the contrary, they should adjust some elements to optimize their performance.

It is as important to make a follow-up on the impact of an advertising campaign as it is to ask the right advertising tracking questions to obtain the necessary insights. Some examples are:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like this ad?
  • To what measure do you like each of the following elements of this ad?
  • How does this ad influence your opinion of [[YOUR BRAND]]?

In addition to creating studies from a template, Zinklar offers its users’ guided solutions, through which they can create a project based on their objectives. By selecting what their research needs are, the platform automatically creates a questionnaire that can be edited to further adjust to the brand’s preferences.

Test adverts to maximize conversion rates. Use the ad testing survey template to launch studies quickly and efficiently!

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