Ask the Right Market Research Survey Questions: 3 Tips For Marketers

Anna Raventós

How does the Questions Library help with creating new surveys?

Asking the right type of market research survey questions at the right time is critical for producing relevant and high-quality consumer insights. At Zinklar, our experts listen to marketers struggling to select the most impactful questions. Our latest “Questions Library” product release has relieved that headache. 

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At the start of any piece of survey research, there are three ways to begin – depending on access to insight software.

1. Starting from scratch: The user has complete control over all question fields.

2. From a pre-built template: Question templates are provided to help a user build the survey depending on the research objective.

3. Copy a previous survey: Very useful for the most recurrent types of research, such as the most common innovation or advertising tests.

There is a fourth option available to Zinklar users: The Questions Library contains 24 pre-built questions that can be added to any survey. Zinklar’s expert customer support team will regularly update this to add new questions based on consumer feedback.

To help marketers maximize the value from surveys, Andrea Segalerva, Product Manager, Zinklar, provides her top three tips on selecting the most effective survey questions in order to avoid errors.

1. Understand when to ask the correct questions

A common challenge for consumer-centric marketers is writing questions that provide the best possible answers.  Thinking of new questions can be difficult for non-insight experts. If the wrong question is asked, it is a risk that it could confuse a respondent and lead to less effective research. The Questions Library capability helps marketers build surveys faster by quickly adding pre-built questions to a project. In addition, many marketers & trade marketers have multiple projects running at once. With the Questions Library feature, users can increase research velocity by creating more surveys in the same amount of time. 

Zinklar's Questions Library for market research survey questions

Image from the Questions Library in the Zinklar platform: users can easily filter by keywords, areas, and research type and add questions directly to their survey.

2. Develop questions that stay aligned with research objectives

Remember, insights are essential, but actionable insights will be the trigger to help with decision-making. At Zinklar, many marketing users regularly conduct pricepackaging, brand, and ad testing. For example, the innovation/R&D team will develop a new concept in early-stage development, and marketers need to ensure that the launch is successful. Before survey creation, we recommend compiling a list of research objectives to stay focused; below are some starting points:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Where will the target audience purchase the product?
  • Who are the main competitors for this product?
  • What are the external market factors (PESTLE)
  • How much do consumers pay for similar products?

Suppose sudden changes in the market impact a marketing campaign. Zinklar users can quickly access the Questions Library, rephrase or reframe questions, and then relaunch surveys to meet the changing market needs. The more established platform users understand that market trends change quickly, and they need results on an agile basis to better understand consumer feedback.

3. Remember, your audience is human!

Have you ever found it challenging to select one answer in a survey? We are all human; after all — not everyone’s behaviors and attitudes will fit perfectly into predefined options.  The best surveys target a well-researched demographic — from language to the imagery that reflects the nuances of a specific audience. At Zinklar, we pride ourselves on providing agile market research at speed without cutting corners on survey quality. With the introduction of “Questions Library”, users can adapt to their audience by easily importing questions and rephrasing them to achieve consumer insights and data to fulfill their objectives.

Introducing “Questions Library” — a new way to self-select market research survey questions in Zinklar

The Questions Library capability makes it easier for users to conduct better-quality research regularly. All existing users of the platform have access, and the Zinklar support team can provide any necessary assistance. 

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